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Celal ile Ceren

Celal ile Ceren

Celal is around 30 and works in his father's small electronics shop in Karaköy. And Ceren, who has just turned 30, works in a huge furniture store. Celal and Ceren have been in a relationship for six years. Both of their families assume that this relationship will end in marriage. But one day Celal and Ceren have a blowout. Celal says he's going to a bachelors party. Ceren is totally opposed. Despite this, Celal lies to Ceren and goes to the party anyway. When a friend posts videos from the party on the Internet the next day, the lie is exposed. Ceren is extremely disappointed and wants to break up. She still loves Celal, but wants to teach him a lesson. But Celal is fed up with the burden of the relationship, the monogamous lifestyle, and the fear of being under pressure his entire life. When his friends also support his decision, Celal leaves Ceren, contrary to her expectations.

Sun Dec 01 2013

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