Romantik Komedi 2

Romantik Komedi 2

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Zeynep is married to Ergün and Esra is preparing herself for the marriage with Mert. Didem is the last one of her friends, who is unmarried. Because of Cem still don’t pop the question; she begins to read a book: The way to marriage. Allthough she exercises all of the advices of the book on her partner Cem, everything turn out unexpectedly. Cem is a popular actor and shares the main roles with his colleague Gözde, in a movie. This is reason enough for Didem for being jealous. So, Didem and her girlfriends begin to trace him on every step, which brings forth Mert’s secret stag party. The developments during the stag party afford many surprises for each partner.

Tue Jan 01 2013