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Featuring an amazing all-star cast (Noah Crawford, Chris O'Neal, Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy, Noah Munck, and Ciara Bravo!), get set for Nickelodeon's Swindle! When Ben and Griffin discover an old "Honus Wagner" baseball card, they may have also found the financial solution to save Ben from having to move. They quickly head to a collectibles shop owned by a man named Swindell who offers them $300 after Griffin negotiates the price up. Proud of their accomplishment, they head home, money in hand, but soon realize the baseball card is worth much more… roughly $1.2 million more! Griffin and Ben have been swindled! Now Griffin Bing wants to swindle a swindler, right a wrong, take back property unethically obtained by deceptive means (whatever sounds fancier) and sets off to recruit the ultimate crew. He is owed favors all over school and it's time to call them in!

Sun Aug 25 2013

Kids & Family