HIJOSHI -What Girls Want-

HIJOSHI -What Girls Want-

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Tear-jerking stories of girls who live brutally true to themselves. Women who used to put up with various hardships with great patience have started to live true to their desires in today's stress-ridden world. These women lead their own unique lifestyles, living true to their own desires, while claiming, "I have my own style which differs from others!" or "What I take pleasure in is different from anyone else!" Such women fall under the category of "hijoshi." They say, "So what if I'm a ‘hijoshi'? I can decide my own happiness myself!" This is a collection of short films on these "hijoshi," starting with Eve (The Origin of "Hijoshi") living in the Garden of Eden, and then showcasing the days of six "hijoshi" living in modern time. An absolutely unique team of cast and creators bring to you the stories of "hijoshi" living totally true to their desires! HIJOSHI -What Girls Want- is a sensational film which asks women of modern time, "What is true happiness?"

Sat May 30 2009

Japanese Cinema