Doug Seegers - Cinderella Man

Doug Seegers - Cinderella Man



In the fall of 2013 the homeless Seegers is playing the streets of Nashville, just as usual. But one day he is suddenly discovered by Swedish country star Jill Johnson and her TV crew. Johnson immediately recognizes the magic of Seegers voice and offers him to record his song “Going Down to the River” in Johnny Cash’s legendary studio The Cabin. When the Doug Seegers episode of the TV series “Jill’s Porch, Nashville” is aired in March 2014 the audience just goes crazy. “Going Down to the River” instantly hits the top spot of the Swedish iTunes-list, and stays there for 12 consecutive days. Doug Seegers now gets to record an album together with Emmylou Harris’ band and to tour Sweden, from north to south. This film tells the unlikely story of Doug Seegers late breakthrough and we get to follow him on his Sweden tour in the summer of 2014.

Fri Dec 19 2014